Tips for Finding Quality Stairlifts To Rent London

Stairlift rental allows old people or those with disabilities to pay a monthly fee to use a stairlift at their home. It is a lot like renting a car, or even a house. However, because stairlifts to rent in London have to be installed there is a little more that goes into getting one. While stairlift rentals can be used by people who have permanent disabilities, it is ideally suited for those who are recovering from an accident, medical procedure or illness which has incapacitated them. Having a temporary, rental stairlift installed makes moving around a lot more comfortable until they fully recover.

In this article, we’ll dispense a couple of tips which should help you find and rent a stairlift in London.

Tip no. 1: Shop Around for the Best Price

The price or rental you pay each month varies based on the type of stairlift, its make and model. The more modern or high-tech a chairlift is, the more expensive it will be. It will also be more costly per month if you want to rent a stairlift for just two months as compared to an entire year. Generally, rental companies offer discounts for extended rental contracts.

First, determine what type of stairlift you want and call up leading rental companies in your area to get a price. Let them know how long you want to rent it for so that they can give you their best prices. On average it costs around £10 a week to rent a stairlift in London.

Tip no. 2: Beware of Upfront Costs

When you are looking for stairlifts to rent London, it is essential to be aware of the fact that there are upfront costs associated with it too. The prices can vary, but on average you can be expected to pay £1,000 at the very least. Some may even require that you sign an agreement stating that you are renting the stairlift for an extended period by committing to a long-term contract with the company.

Before you rent a stairlift, you must know what the rental schedule will look like including upfront costs to cover installation, administration and removal post the rental period. All of this information should be in the terms and conditions section. Make sure you understand what you are entering into before signing the agreement.

Tip no. 3: Ask if Maintenance is Covered in the Monthly Rent

If you are renting a stairlift for an extended time like for six months or a year, maintenance should be covered. You shouldn’t have to pay the rental company extra to lubricate a few parts or replace parts that are worn out. However, make sure that whatever, maintenance the rental company commits to is put down in writing.


Finding stairlifts to rent in London isn’t difficult. As a matter of fact, it is pretty easy. However, you should know your way around the rental system to ensure you get a good deal.